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AviaHire partnered with Eloquent Studio to create complete IT recruitment solution that is customisable to the needs of the the IT industry and significantly reduces the turn around time by bringing i the candidates from multiple job portals on to a single stage.




The primary challenge was the aggregation of candidates from multiple job portals/platforms. Next was screening the candidates and evaluate the relevance of the candidate to the job opening. Another major issue that needed to be addressed was the churn, would often see the candidate apply for the job in the initial stage but then lose interest/contact for one or more reasons.

Eloquent Edge



Using the existing familiarity of email we decided let email sit at the centre of the stage to aggregate and communicate with candidates. For evaluation we designed a comprehensive online evaluation platform that integrates with the platform to provide a comprehensive evaluation and relevance of the candidate against the vacancy.

Client Advantage

  • Faster than the industry standard delivery of product

  • One-of-a-kind recruitment platform

  • Superior technology stack for efficient performance and self-improving results

  • Complete product development life-cycle support