Eloquent Studio

Conceptualized as a passion project for upholding the highest standards of quality and service, Eloquent Studio is the result of ardent determination and commitment to upholding industry standards while going above and beyond to deliver the best possible result to all stakeholders involved. 

Started with a team boasting of over 30+ years of combined experience across various domains in the industry, Eloquent Studio has always risen to the challenge and successfully developed various products spanning across domains like IoT, MediaTech, FoodTech, e-commerce, to list a few. We pride ourselves in being state-of-the-art not just in our code but also in our service.

Our Story

The story of our company, its core values and missions, lie within the grounded, independent and committed nature of its co-founders. Brought together by a need to deliver the highest possible quality of service and product, Jiren and Deepak left their comfortable jobs for the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship and independent research in 2016 and ever-since then, with Deepak’s swashbuckling attitude to coding and Jiren’s gatekeeper approach to correctly assess any given situation and formulate a plan to maximize client benefit.

  They have worked on a number of projects together while often overseeing the entire lifecycle of the development of cutting edge products. Our service isn’t the job of writing code for you, we believe in the power of code as a service to people and take great pride in delivering that service to you.

Jiren Patel

Director, Software Engineer

"Design your Code"

With over a decade of technology, and business development experience, worked with teams at Google and other large scale organisations, Jiren has helped several startups with their product and business development.

He is passionate about technology, has contributed a lot to the open source including Google APIs and BigTable. Some of his popular open source projects include Filter.JS, StreamTable.JS, Splat, FeatherCMS.

He is avid coder, biker, gamer and loves to discover new things.

"Incremental Experiments"

Having worked with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS/React, Android/iOS, Ionic/ReactNative and other allied technologies for over seven years, is passionate developer with a knack for quality code and scalability. Quick at churning out prototypes and proof of concept projects using edge technologies.

He is reader, biker, hiker and sometimes ventures into the unknown philosophical lands!

Elixir is his new found love.

Deepak Singh

Director, Software Engineer

Avani Patel

Graphics Engineer & Illustrator

"Defining User Experience"

With her multi-discilinary skills in engineering & design and a natural inclination for art and creativity, Avani leads the way forward to building simple and intuitive user experiences. Clear and concise communication is the centerpiece of all her work.

She is a sketch artist, painter, user experience designer and enthusiastic coder too.