With expertise spanning several domains in the industry, we offer support and services for the entire product life cycle, right from conceptualization and consultation to development, implementation and continuous monitoring. Using the best possible industry processes, agile development and continuous engagement with off-site teams when needed, we deliver a 360 degree solution to meet and exceed client expectations.


Creating and delivering state of the art, AI- enabled e-commerce softwares to address and assist in the entire gamut of activities involved in conducting speedy transactions on the front end and generating enterprise level data and statistics on the back-end.

Business Process / ERP Solutions

For management of core business processes, we offer Enterprise Resource Planning solutions which provide a cross-departmental integration and a central database management system for real-time monitoring of main business processes.

News & Media

DMRS, Broadcast/Streaming, adaptive bit rate streaming, cross-platform integrations; we offer a range of cutting edge solutions for all your media tech needs.


Software solutions for the entire food delivery ecosystem, we provide multi-channel payment integrations, live tracking capability on top of logistics and inventory data, updated to the minute for a seamless integration and instant access to market data across all enterprise levels at all times.


We offer expertise in embedded systems and creating extremely human interaction friendly interfaces for IoT systems solutions along with autonomous IoT solutions.