“Created to be a personal smart-assistant for legal research, to quote their own website, ’NearLaw is built with a visualization engine-where you will be able to see which cases cite each other and which ones are the most important.’


Their target was the 1250 crore legal research market and they also aimed to provide and online marketplace for legal services.”




NearLaw contacted Eloquent Studio in early 2016 to create a cloud based research platform for lawyers and law firms to aid them in legal discovery and networking. They also aspired to provide an online market-place for legal services.




The primary challenge was the creation of a symposium of cases, acts, judgements, precedents, etc. backed by ElasticSearch capability. Uploaded files had to be indexed with ElasticSearch  for searching and filtering. For optimized functionality and reduced time spent on actually searching for relevant answers to queries, lawyers could log in and prepare cases by directly searching for relevant cases, judgments and precedents. Upvote/downvote feature was necessary to generate a system of real time reviews for cases based on their relevancy to a certain domain.

Eloquent Edge



Upon deciding that the most efficient way forward was, in effect, a nation-wide advancement and up-gradation of legal research tools, the need for a proprietary model for summarization of legal documents and case linking was realized. Using MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Ruby on Rails, an AI-enabled database product was created.

Client Advantage

  • Faster than the industry standard delivery of product

  • One-of-a-kind legal research too

  • Superior technology stack for efficient performance and self-improving results

  • Complete product development life-cycle support

  • Secured VC funding

End User Advantage

  • First ever online legal research tool backed by AI and Natural Language Processing

  • Ability to ask and answer queries within a national database of lawyers, legal cases, judgements, acts  enabling a speedy workflow

  • On-line marketplace for legal services